The new GoDirect services platform is your single source of support. From Flight Services to Cabin Connectivity, Honeywell’s GoDirect Services will get you there.
“Direct to” is a phrase pilots use when they talk about a nonstop flight that goes directly from  Point A to Point B via quickest possible route. Honeywell’s GoDirect takes the same approach for pilots, operators and flight departments that want to access Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio of Aerospace Services – your direct route to the services you can rely on. Take a look at some of our GoDirect Apps.
Honeywell is at the forefront of the connected aircraft movement with hardware, software and services that enable reliable connectivity anywhere, anytime and at speeds approaching those we’re accustomed to experiencing in our homes and offices.  Through GoDirect Cabin, Honeywell now offers a comprehensive suite of satellite communication services and solutions to deliver unparalleled connectivity and functionality. This includes access to more than a dozen GoDirect apps and services, as well as real-time TV, TV on demand,  high-speed broadband Internet, Video Conferencing, Email and Voice Over IP. 
Honeywell’s JetWave is the exclusive connectivity hardware that enables users to connect to Inmarsat’s Global Xpress constellation of Ka-band satellites, JetConnex. JetWave satellite communications hardware comprises of antennas, routers and other equipment to provide uninterrupted and consistent service to your aircraft.
GoDirect Flight Services provides pilots and dispatchers with a wide range of useful tools and resources that make their jobs easier and let them focus on more important tasks. We offer global flight planning, integrated flight support, two-way data communications and other services to keep you on the right route to avoid traffic, weather hazards and delays. 
Honeywell’s maintenance plans offer long term profitability achieved through less time on the ground, and more time in the air. GoDirect focuses on delivering a cost-efficient means to maintain assets optimally and ensure high dispatch availability. Services are available for many Honeywell products, including mechanical, avionics and environmental control systems.